Por y Para

During the project “Por y Para”, I used a website named Glogster.com to create a “Glog”. I like the idea of creating a post in which there is customization such as adding text boxes, title boxes, background styles, and other decorative features to individualize your own posts from one of your friends. However, the graphics available aren’t exactly what an average teenager would want when decorating their post. Also, while my teacher was able to view the video I uploaded, I was unable to do so. Which, by the way, she was only able to do after I deleted my first video and linked another. Besides the few negative things I’ve mentioned above, I actually enjoyed this project and creating my first “Glog’. Go to “View full size” by scrolling over the Glogster Edu at the top of the glog to view all the pictures which I can’t seem to get to load.

Los Gustos y Disgustos de Josh Frazier

   A Josh le gusta tocar trombón todos los días. Le gusta manejar mal frecuentemente en el coche de Burks. Le gusta comer a menudo tambien. A Josh le gustar ver la tele en su casa. Finalmente le gusta dejar la escuela.

Durante el invierno a Josh le disgusta nadar. Le disgusta ir fuera de su casa. Tampoco le disgusta ir a la escuala.

Mis Gustos

The Mis Gustos project helped me under stand how to use the verbs gustar, encantar, and disgustar in a sentence. It also expanded my previously small amounts of uses for the iPad. While some people may think that the task of memorizing ten sentences was hard, I found it somewhat easy. However, I didn’t like the fact that ten points were counted off of my grade for leaving out one two-letter word.

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