Los Gustos y Disgustos de Josh Frazier

   A Josh le gusta tocar trombón todos los días. Le gusta manejar mal frecuentemente en el coche de Burks. Le gusta comer a menudo tambien. A Josh le gustar ver la tele en su casa. Finalmente le gusta dejar la escuela.

Durante el invierno a Josh le disgusta nadar. Le disgusta ir fuera de su casa. Tampoco le disgusta ir a la escuala.

Mis Gustos

The Mis Gustos project helped me under stand how to use the verbs gustar, encantar, and disgustar in a sentence. It also expanded my previously small amounts of uses for the iPad. While some people may think that the task of memorizing ten sentences was hard, I found it somewhat easy. However, I didn’t like the fact that ten points were counted off of my grade for leaving out one two-letter word.